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Presentation bindings

There are a number of ways to display information that are cost effective and can be produced relatively quickly.

The benefit of these types of presentation bindings, where the pages are removable, is that you only need to provide the dimensions rather than the completed document. This gives you more time and freedom to finish your document or prints.

Materials and lettering are all to your choosing. 


Our standard turnaround for a presentation binding is two to three working days, but please let us know if you have different requirements.

A variety of lettering and finishing options are available. Click here to find out more.

Pilliar bindings

Pillar bindings consist of front and back covers made to fit your document and held together using metal screws. There are a number of variations to this style of binding.

Ring binders

We have a wide range of 2-d, 4-d and lever-arch mechanisms suitable for most thicknesses and formats.

To ensure your ring binder is made to the correct size we ask all customers to provide a page or sleeve template on placing the order.

Please note that not all plastic sleeves are suitable with a ring mechanism.

Canadian bindings

A Canadian binding is a hard cover with a pocket built to house a spiral bound document.

We need to know your intended dimensions and the diameter of the spiral.

Additional information

Mechanism allowance

For printed pages, be aware that approximately 25mm on the left edge is lost in the binding. Sleeves are cut 25mm wider than your print so only the sleeve is held in the binding.

We are happy to use supplied sleeves. Please provide a sample when placing your order and note that many commercially produced sleeves do not allow enough additional width.

Trimming, drilling and creasing

We include trimming and drilling as part of the job. Prints are trimmed as a stack so accurate registration is important. If this is an issue, or if your prints are particularly large, we do offer a hand trimming service which we charge for at an hourly rate. If you'd like your pages creased this will be charged at an hourly rate.

Supplying a material

We are generally able to work with supplied materials but would recommend you bring in a sample beforehand so we can check its suitability for lettering, pressing, and use with our glues.  Please note that bringing extra material for the actual job is essential.

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