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Wyvern props house

We have a selection of tools set aside for renting, but we are also happy to loan tools we use within the bindery.  We will do our best to accommodate any requests but availability will depend on our workload when the order is placed.

Do not hesitate to speak to us about your scene and we will advise on the best tools to have.


As well as renting tools, we love to share our expertise and help on set, whether it is a period bookbinding/finishing scene or a modern one. We have recently helped (and acted!) on set for The Crown and for the latest adapatation of Persuasion.

Renting tools: 

- £10 % retail value for the first week, 5 % for each additional week

- £30 to £60 handling fees


Expertise on set :

- £250 - £350 per day

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