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Blocking (debossing)

We can use hand tools, brass type or custom-made plates to provide the finishing touch to your book, portfolio or box. When placing an order, we can advise you on what will look best as the results can vary depending on materials. Options include either using coloured or metallic foils or a blind impression (without colour).

We may also be able to letter or initial ready-made items but need to have a look at them first. We have customised bags, wallets, a bicycle saddle and even a cricket ball.



We have a wide range of typefaces available to choose from as well as traditional hand tools and letters. We can also finish ready-made items, however we need to check suitability of the item first.

Click here to see out type swatch.




If you would like a specific design or logo simply provide us with a high quality PDF, black on a white background at 100%. This is then used to make a metal plate. Costing is based on size.

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