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Our portfolios are designed to display pages, prints or sleeves and allow for the easy changing of images to keep your portfolio up to date.

We can make your portfolio any size and have a wide range of materials. 


Standard turnaround for a portfolio is five working days, but please let us know if you have different requirements.

A variety of lettering and finishing options are available. Click here to find out more.


The mechanism of our portfolios is riveted to the spine to give added strength and longevity. The spine width is determined by the number of prints or sleeves you want the portfolio to hold. Variations include hiding the rivets or having padded covers.

3 Piece pillar


The 3 piece pillar binding has front and back boards independent from the spine allowing for a variable spine thickness. By varying the length of the screws you can choose the number of prints or sleeves you wish to present.



The traditional portfolio contains loose pages. The structure comprises a folder with flaps which hold the pages in place and ribbon ties.

Additional information

Mechanism allowance

For printed pages, be aware that approximately 25mm on the left edge is lost in the binding.

Sleeves are cut 25mm wider than your print so only the sleeve is held in the binding.

We are happy to use supplied sleeves. Please provide a sample when placing your order and note that many commercially produced sleeves do not allow enough additional width.

Supplying a material

We are generally able to work with supplied materials but would recommend you bring in a sample beforehand so we can check its suitability for lettering, pressing, and use with our glues.  Please note that bringing extra material for the actual job is essential.

Drilling and creasing

We have our own templates for hole positions, so if your portfolio was made elsewhere, please bring one of your prints or sleeves so we can match it. 

We can crease your pages to facilitate their turning and help them lay flat. We usually put three creases between 20 and 30 mm from the left edge.


Prints are trimmed as a stack so accurate registration is important. If this is an issue, or if your prints are particularly large, we do offer a hand trimming service which we charge for at an hourly rate.

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